Why Self Love is the Secret to The Law of Attraction

It might sound a bit strange but I wholeheartedly believe that self love is the secret to the Law of Attraction. See, self love is like a positive affirmation in action. It’s a way of saying to, and showing yourself, that “I am important. I am a priority.” And when you treat yourself like a priority, like you’re worthy, the world will mirror that behavior. Your life will directly reflect how deserving you think you are of doing, having or being a particular thing or person you desire.

Like many, you might have a tendency to wonder, why on earth would the Universe conspire on your behalf when there are 7.5 billion people across the globe clamoring for its attention, also in want, or worse, need of something? Perhaps you figure, your desires aren’t more important than theirs.

Well first of all, your manifesting love, money, health, success or anything else, doesn’t stop anyone else’s creation. That’s scarcity mentality. Secondly, even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, you can still benefit tremendously from self love.

People tend to have misconceptions about what self love is, equating it to being selfish. In a way, it is. But I think that word has far more of a negative connotation than it should. But that’s a different blog post for another day.
Sure, self love does require you to be pretty unapologetic about tending to your own needs. But that also, doesn’t mean you care singly about yourself to the detriment of everyone else. Self love isn’t narcissistic. It also doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. It does however, like cultivating any other successful relationship, require effort, and a commitment.

So now that you understand why it’s important, let’s get to ways to practice it. And as a bonus, you’re sure to unlock your love from the Universe via the Law of Attraction.

13 Simple Acts of Self Love You Can Start Today

1. Compliment yourself every day.

I’m a huge believer in the power of positive affirmations to transform your life. If not created properly though, affirmations can feel like you’re trying to convince yourself of something; like you’re trying to brainwash yourself, repeating I am statements that you don’t necessarily believe.

On the flip side, there are things that are “right” with you just as you are right now. So pay yourself at least one compliment, every day. Whisper sweet nothings to yourself. Surely you did something right today or possess some admirable quality worth acknowledging. Hopefully the praise flows freely, but if you struggle to come up with even one, that’s a sure sign that you’re being too hard on yourself. And how on earth can you expect the Universe to treat you any better?

Much of our inner dialogue would, from anyone else, be considered verbal abuse. And most of us wouldn’t stand for that. So instead of beating yourself up, use that time and those thoughts to discover things you like about yourself, figure out what makes you special, recognize your unique gifts and then compliment yourself unapologetically until it sinks in.

Make sure you don’t qualify the statement or introduce negativity at the end like “I love my body, even though I’m not at my ideal weight.” Stop at I love my body and mean it. Or find another compliment that you can accept graciously.

Manifesting is all about the vibration you’re emitting. The Law of Attraction requires YOU to believe you deserve a thing. It’s not necessarily the most talented or best looking who succeed. You ever wonder how the short, cocky guy often gets the hottest girl? He radiates self confidence and has the Universe convinced about who he is and what (he believes) he deserves.

2. Make “me time” a daily ritual.

Do something nice for yourself every single day. It doesn’t have to be costly or actually cost anything at all. The most important part is that you take the time and make a conscious effort to really enjoy that thing, whatever it is.

Be mindful of how you feel. Milk the moment like nobody’s business. Revel in it, like you never have before. Pamper, indulge, smile at and outright spoil yourself. Treat yourself to a cup of tea. Download an amazing audiobook and enjoy a chapter uninterrupted. Take a relaxing bath. Get a makeover at the makeup counter. Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Take yourself to a festival or museum.

If money’s an issue, sell a few items that you no longer need and use that as your self love fund. That way your monthly budget remains in tact.

Keep coming up with ways to surprise and delight yourself. These acts will not only show you that you literally create your own happiness, but they’ll help you find joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Notice I said simple and not little. Because there’s nothing little about it. You’re raising your vibration, setting the stage for your future happiness, which is being created in that moment, per the Law of Attraction.

3. Trade “should dos” for “want tos.”

We have a tendency to overcommit ourselves, especially to things we’re not particularly interested in. But too many people pleasers neglect to please themselves.

Say I don’t…, I won’t…, I can’t... or any of the many polite forms of no, to anything you’d really rather not do. Reexamine what you claim you truly “have” to do. You’ll discover it’s actually less than you think.

Besides, showing up somewhere because you feel obligated to, not only sucks for you, but also for everyone else on the receiving end of your negative energy. Give yourself permission to choose your desires over your perceived duties.

4. Forgive yourself and others.

That doesn’t mean forgetting what transpired or allowing the offender to occupy your space again. Forgiveness frees you. Energetically, holding a grudge, only holds you back.

See, the thing that’s equally powerful and terrifying about discovering the Law of Attraction and creating your reality, is the realization that you’ve basically been in charge all along. Suddenly you feel responsible for all of the “negative” situations you’ve lived.

Well, let yourself off the hook. The beauty of being a deliberate creator and owning your power is not giving it away to someone else. Not to mention, remembering that you can always create something new.

5. Let go of toxic relationships.

This might include friends, current partners and probably the most difficult of all, family members. This is a tough one. I get it. But simply put, no one gets the right to suck the life out of you. And definitely not just because you’re related.

Don’t fear being alone, or lonely. Friends are the family you get to choose and you can always manifest more. Once you decide that you deserve better, and make room for the blessings, you’ll attract them. It’s Universal Law. You have the power to leverage the Law of Attraction to build the type positivity and community you deserve to have around you.

6. Give up the need for approval from others.

Stop treating other people’s views about you, and what you should do, as fact, no matter how much conviction they’re stated with. They may call you names that are hard to hear, and in the moment, difficult to ignore. But remember, this is your life to do what you please with it. Not to mention, the only “opinion” you need to be focused on, is the one that you and Source share about you.

7. Get to know yourself.

Ask yourself what you really want to be, do and have. Deep down, you know. And if you’re not entirely sure, you have an inkling. Trust your intuition. Explore, until you unearth what it is that makes your soul sing, then pursue it.
If your lifestyle can’t accommodate a major change, take a baby step, followed by another, consistently. The Universe with its infinite resources will rise up to meet you.

Learn something new that betters you and makes you feel better about yourself. There are plenty of free webinars and online learning platforms at your disposal. YouTube is full of videos created to teach people whatever their heart desires.

When you pick up, or improve upon a skill, you feel accomplished. Naturally, your confidence and admiration for yourself also go up. So follow your curiosity. You may not know what your passion is. But at the very least, give yourself permission to try something…anything. And then pivot, as you see fit.

8. Be mindful of what you consume.

So much emphasis tends to be placed on what we physically eat, while virtually no attention is paid to what we emotionally take in. From mass media to social media, to our immediate environment, be far more selective about the words, images, peoples, conversations and messaging that you allow in.

Besides the obvious toll that news filled with constant doom and gloom or fear mongering can take, far more subtle, and equally damaging, are the effects via other channels.

From a manifesting standpoint, how can you possibly consume a steady stream of negativity in any form and then easily believe in the goodness of the Universe that the Law of Attraction promises? I’m just saying.

The good news is, unplugging completely isn’t necessary, but you could benefit from blocking a few sources you might have subscribed to indiscriminately.

9. Inundate yourself with goodness.

You can’t think negatively and positively at the same time. Flood yourself with positive stories, inspirational songs, things that make you laugh. In other words, raise your vibration.

Surround yourself with motivational quotes and posters. Make a conscious effort to watch programs, movies and videos that make you feel good, or better yet, laugh your ass off. Check out podcasts that pique your interests. Or opt to go outside. Take a walk in nature, or a class you’ve been curious about. There are plenty of virtual options if you can’t get there in person. Pick up a hobby. Read, or listen to, books that inspire, educate and uplift you. Play conscious music that doesn’t just make you feel like dancing, but actually makes you shake that thang.

Don’t just think positively. Feel positively.

10. Bring sexy back.

Perhaps you’ve “let yourself go” and refuse to buy new clothes because you’re not where you want to be. Maybe you’re even making an effort to eat clean, exercise and lose the weight. But what you need to lose right now, is the belief that you have to wait. Regardless of what size you are, dress and own the body that you currently have. If new clothes aren’t currently in your budget, wear what you have that makes you feel great. Get dressed with the intention of catching your own eye.

11. Tidy up.

It really is some life-changing magic y’all. So keep only those things that “spark joy.” Like the aforementioned people I mentioned releasing, be willing to also let go of the things that no longer serve or suit who you’re becoming. Physically cleaning up your space will often go a long way toward energetically cleaning up your vibration. Make room for the blessings coming into your life.

12. Literally self-love aka masturbate.

Feeling good is your birthright. When you know how to please yourself, you’ll be less starved for attention or reliant on someone else to do it. And therefore far less likely to accept mediocrity in any relationship. Not to mention, getting comfortable with the notion of what you like and know you deserve, will ultimately make it easier to communicate to a partner. Love yourself enough to say what is and is not working for you, in every area of your life.

13. Go to sleep.

If you asked me, there’s far more in the name “power nap” than is realized. Yes, I know, in our seemingly nonstop world, with our endless to-do lists, this is easier said than done. But sleeping is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, not to mention, one of the most overlooked ways to get into alignment, as our friends Abraham Hicks constantly remind us.

Look, in order to be a deliberate creator using the Law of Attraction, you have to believe that the Universe revolves around you, or at least thinks enough of you, to bless you with your desires. But first you have to behave accordingly. So go ahead and show yourself just how much you are loved and valued, and get ready to receive, all that you deserve in return.

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