How to Create a Digital Vision Board for Major Manifesting

More than likely, you’ve heard of a vision board. Perhaps even created one. Although I’ve used traditional vision boards successfully, I’m just not a fan. They’re too big to be portable and usually made up of words and pictures cut out from magazines, that are adequate, but not really ideal.

They also tend to be on the ugly or cheesy side. See, I love great design and believe that your life, and any representation of it, should actually inspire you.

So, as far as I’m concerned, traditional vision boards just don’t cut it. If you feel me, put your scissors away and let’s explore why creating a digital vision board is the perfect alternative.

What is a Digital Vision Board?

A digital vision board is simply a graphic representation of your goals that you keep online, but still visible, to help you maintain focus and ultimately manifest them.

How to Create a Digital Vision Board

Chances are you already have social media accounts that you update with images of your current life. Well, now it’s time to take a look into your future and start gramming or pinning with a purpose.

All you have to do to get the vision ball rolling is start a new account on either Instagram or Pinterest, both of which have a wealth of motivational quotes, travel photography, food porn, fitspiration, you name it. This way, you can skip the passé magazine clippings, in favor of images that truly resonate with you. Just make sure you set your Instagram account to PRIVATE and create SECRET boards on Pinterest. These are supposed to be for your eyes only.

Now, there are pros to each platform, so the one you choose will depend on your preferences.

A Pinterest-Based Digital Vision Board

Pinterest enables you to create numerous boards, which is ideal if you’d rather compartmentalize certain areas of your life, for example, keeping the décor for the home you intend to manifest, separate from your wedding plans to the soul mate you’re working on attracting, or the vacation you visualize yourself taking. And since the Law of Attraction maintains that what you think about, you bring about, this approach really helps you to “feel it real” by totally immersing you in one goal at a time.

An Instagram-Based Digital Vision Board

Instagram, on the other hand, makes it possible for you to picture and scroll through a more holistic view of your future, covering everything from travel and health to relationships and personal growth, all in one easy-to-update place. And if you still prefer to have a tangible version, you can print out your images as a poster, and create a beautiful, frameable board, that’s vibrant, visible and truly valuable.

Your vision board should be a masterpiece, especially if the goal is for your life to imitate this art.

Creating a Digital Vision Board Using Canva

Short on time or don’t have much-interest in social media? Well, graphic design platform Canva will enable you to create a curated collage in a flash. They have stunning free vision board templates available. Not to mention images you can also use at no cost. Due to the personal nature of your vision board, I’d skip the latter.

Pull pics instead from online magazines, blogs, brand websites, etc. Find content that truly captures you. Then you can just upload them, drag and drop. Add a few motivational messages and voilá, you’ll be ready to manifest in minutes. Download your board and set it as your screensaver. Or print it out like a traditional vision board, so you get the best of both worlds.

What Should You Put on Your Digital Vision Board?

Before you even think about looking for images though, start by writing down what you want. If you don’t know, or need a little help clarifying your goals, the following vision board prompts can help you define your desires.

Vision Board Prompts

  1. Who would you love to meet?
  2. Where are you interested in exploring?
  3. Is there a particular place or type of space you’d love to live?
  4. Have you considered starting a business?
  5. What type of relationship do you aspire to be in and how does it feel?
  6. Is there a hobby, skill or passion you’d love to pursue?
  7. What do you look forward to buying for yourself?
  8. Are there people or organizations you’d like to help or support?
  9. What lights you up?
  10. What have you wanted to do since you were a kid?
  11. Do you have an unfinished project you’d love to complete?
  12. What would you take time off to do if you could?
  13. Is there an adventure or experience you’d like to partake in?
  14. Do you want to have a child or children?
  15. Is there a healthy practice you want to adopt?
  16. Is there an event you want to attend or throw?
  17. What are your career or professional goals?
  18. Is there an amount of money you’d like to attract?
  19. What are your friendships like?
  20. Who or what do you daydream about when you get lost in thought?

Prompts like these are designed to awaken your creativity and encourage you to think big, as well as be decisive. Because you can’t have a vision board without a real vision for how your life looks and feels. And while you shouldn’t be attached to the outcome, or how it’ll manifest, the Universe responds to exactness, coupled with emotion.

By the way, anyone who says there’s no wrong way to create a vision board is misguided. What I’m sharing is a considerably more effective approach that yields quicker results. So let’s explore some of the ways you might unknowingly be blocking your blessings.

7 Common Mistakes People Make With their Vision Boards

They don’t view it as a goals board.

Your vision board isn’t supposed to be a random collection of pretty pics or a bucket list of things you might possibly get around to doing before you die. Whatever’s on it should mean something to you. Make sure the images represent what you really want to be, do and have. These should be goals you actually intend to accomplish, ideally with the Universe’s help; goals that you’re excited enough about to get your vibrational and physical energy behind.

They settle for the pics they can find.

The images on your vision board should inspire and excite you when you look at them. Focus, along with this heightened emotion or energy, is what helps draw your desires to you quickly. So this definitely isn’t the time to settle, nor is there any reason to. There are more than enough resources, from social media to stock photography sites, where you can pull existing images, or create ones that best reflect your wishes.

They’re too unrealistic.

Look, you can still have lofty dreams even if you don’t have money in the bank. But only include desires you can mentally and vibrationally get behind. And that might not include being a millionaire right out of the gate. It’s perfectly acceptable for YOUR vision board to reflect that of a thousandaire for now. Trying to jump straight to a Porsche, when you’re riding the bus, or can’t get your current car to start, typically only creates more resistance that ultimately gets in your way.

For the record, it’s not that your dreams are too big. It’s just that you might not quite be ready energetically to take that leap of faith. You can always revise your vision board, as your belief grows, your desires manifest and you get more comfortable with allowing. Your goals should cause you to stretch and make you feel somewhat uncomfortable, but they still need to be believable, in order to be attainable.

They don’t put themselves in their vision.

No matter which platform you choose, be sure to add selfies, so YOU are actually in YOUR vision. Otherwise, your point of view can feel more like you’re observing someone else’s life, instead of actively engaging in creating your own. Try including positive affirmations and even incorporating video from your “future self.” The more you visually insert yourself, the more conceivable it is and ultimately successful.

They view their vision boards with the wrong type of energy.

Remember, attitude is everything. Your vision board should be looked at with excited expectation. Focus on how you want to feel, even more than what you intend to be, do, or have. Questioning when or how it’s going to happen, or feeling lack, longing or like something’s missing, only gets you more of the same; things that aren’t there. So remember, leave the details up to the Universe.

They don’t take action.

I know I just told you that it’s the Universe’s job to figure out the specifics. But simply looking at your vision board and daydreaming about your ideal life isn’t enough. The Law of Attraction is always working, but you have to as well. So just remember to occasionally look up from your phone long enough to follow your intuition and take action when inspiration hits you.

They don’t update their vision board.

Your goals should excite you. If your attitude about them change over time, either remove or reshape them to suit your needs. Part of the appeal of having a digital vision board, includes the ability to add or delete images at the touch of a button, while leaving the rest of your vision delightfully in tact.

Well, that about covers it. Hopefully you got all of the tips, tools and tricks you need to create a digital vision board that’s both beautiful and beneficial. If you found this how-to helpful, please Pin It or share it on social. Happy Manifesting!