Manifesting a Specific Person – Success Stories and Advice

Is Manifesting a Specific Person Wrong?

The Law of Attraction states that you can be, do or have, anything you desire. Under the right circumstances, that also includes anyone. I’ve successfully and quickly used the Law of Attraction to manifest love. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it. Also, speaking from experience, I wouldn’t advise manifesting a specific person.

It’s not that you’re violating anyone’s free will, casting some irresistible spell or making them fall in love with you. It isn’t remote or psychic seduction. That person would have to be a co-creator and willing participant in the manifestation, with similarly aligned energy and goals. More often than not, manifesting a specific person is just not in your best interest.

Whether it’s someone you’ve seen that you’re crushing on, someone who’s your friend in your head that you want to make your friend in real life, or someone you want to do business with, there’s no guarantee that the relationship, whether romantic, platonic or professional, will unfold like you hope.

So while I can share what are technically considered success stories, manifesting a specific person, as opposed to a specific type of person, is a very important distinction, I’ll discuss in more detail later.

Manifesting a Specific Person: Success Stories

I manifested my college crush, years before I even knew anything about the Law of Attraction. He was best friends with one of my platonic male friends, but didn’t attend our school. That friend had brought him to our apartment one weekend to hang out with me and my roommates and I was immediately smitten. Like 🥰 smitten.

I was “too cool” to tell anyone I was crushing this hard, or even at all. I didn’t want to embarrass myself if the feelings weren’t mutual. After all, I had always believed that if a guy was interested, he’d make the first move. He didn’t. So while I had no idea when, or if, I’d see him again, intuitively I knew if anything was meant to be, somehow it would be.

Well, lo and behold, I randomly bumped into him by himself at least 3 times over the course of the next 7 months. I couldn’t have orchestrated those “chance encounters” if I had tried. But each time at some point during the conversation he’d ask for my number but then never actually call me.

The fourth time this happened, I had gathered enough self respect to refuse to give him my info again. By the way, this was pre-cell phones and Google Voice. Anyway, he admitted that he’d had a girlfriend the other times he had asked, but wanted to at least let me know he was interested.

I know his logic was ass-backwards, but there standing before me – actually kneeling before me, because he had gotten down on bended knee and pleaded for my number – was the crush I had been secretly fantasizing about, now for the last year. Undeniably charismatic, with a beautiful smile, I fell for his charm.

We went on to date for two years, until surprise, surprise, I caught him in a lie, that gave the appearance of cheating. That was enough for me to end the relationship.

Years later however, when I discovered the Law of Attraction and how to apply it, it became clear how I had managed to manifest my crush.

The Law of Attraction like the Law of Gravity is always working. You don’t have to do anything for it to work. But you have to do certain things to make it intentionally work for you.

I unwittingly had been practicing creative visualization on steroids. I mean this guy had been seriously living rent-free in my head. I daydreamed about him more than I still care to admit. In hindsight, I realized that it was never from a place of lack or longing. I was just excitedly, albeit nonstop, imagining us being together.

If I had known then what I know now, I would have written a soulmate list. Or at the very least, focused on all of the qualities I wanted to attract vs. manifesting a specific person I really didn’t know anything about.

Several years later, I came to the same realization when I attempted to manifest a specific client.

An agency I freelanced for was in talks with a holistic wellness company to handle their marketing. While the brand was much smaller than the Fortune 500 clients I typically worked with, theirs was an industry I was passionate about. Not to mention, I wanted to do something I considered more “meaningful.”

Unfortunately, that deal didn’t materialize. In the back of my mind though, I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to work with them. Somehow, some way, I knew I would.

This time I was well versed on the Law of Attraction and had considered myself a bit of a master manifestor.

It still however hadn’t dawned on me that I should focus on the qualities I wanted in a client and the type of relationship we’d have vs. these particular people I knew nothing about. So I started to visualize working with them, without giving any thought to how it would happen.

Then one day, a few months later, at a random stop sign near my house, I spotted a familiar face in the car across from mine. It was him; one of the co-owners of the company I wanted to work with.

He didn’t know who I was because we had never met. And although ours were the only vehicles out there, I had 4, maybe 5 seconds, to make up my mind about what to do before he’d pass me by. Thankfully I decided against flagging him down. What would I have even said?

I simply accepted it as the sign that it was, that my manifestation was on its way.

A few weeks later, their Business Manager emailed me out of the blue, wanting to meet. He expressed that I was the only one from the agency that they had really wanted to work with. I didn’t even know they had my information.

I also found out shortly after that Stop Sign Guy and I lived on opposite ends of the same subdivision. I had been there for over a decade and never seen him, until that day.

There I was the following week, sitting in their office, having manifested exactly who I wanted, or so I thought, and I regretted it almost instantly.

Worst. Clients. Ever. That experience was plagued with misogyny, disorganization, unprofessionalism and minimal pay compared to the work that was completed and subsequent frustration.

While Stop Sign Guy was thankfully not like his partners, there was no sense trying to look at that situation through rose-colored Law of Attraction glasses, make a list of positive aspects or script a new reality. The path of least resistance for me was to cut my losses, fulfill my end of the agreement and move on.

Of course, there’s always a lesson to be learned, or reminded of, if you’re paying attention.

I never had to tell anyone who I was trying to manifest, ask for an introduction, conveniently place myself in their path, or even initiate contact. My “help” was not, and still is not, needed.

These experiences drove home to me that the Universe is quite capable of orchestrating the circumstances to fulfill any request. But we need to actually be more thoughtful about our requests.

Don’t set your sights on manifesting a specific person. Sure, you should be crystal clear about what or who you want, but keep your focus on the type of relationship you’d like to have and how it feels. Then place your cosmic order and remain open to whatever package it comes in.