Manifest Love with the Law of Attraction in 7 Simple Steps

I’m guessing you’re reading this because you’re interested in manifesting “the one.” Well, I’m just the one to show you how. All I ask is that you keep an open mind that there might not be just one.

See, I manifested my first love just days after deliberately setting the intention. Over a decade later, after that relationship ran its course, I intentionally manifested my soul mate, in less than a month. And I wasn’t even “dating.”

Before I break down the steps I used to manifest love both times, I figured why not share my adventures. They’ll help to provide context around my approach and why it worked. Besides, who can resist a good Law of Attraction love story, much less two?

How I Manifested Love the First Time

It was early December of 2007 and the holidays were approaching. I decided that I was ready for love, so I asked the Santaverse (my festive nickname for the Universe) to bring me “the one,” aka my biggest gift ever.

Prior to that, I had just been dating for dating’s sake. Since I wasn’t pressed about getting married or having children, I never really cared enough to try to consciously create love before. As a matter of fact, part of me believed that I’d feel stifled, or worse, suffocated in a super serious relationship.

I later realized that my focus had always been on what I didn’t want. Surely, smothering wouldn’t be a concern with the right man for me.

Once I had a change of heart, it was time to get my mind on board. Per the Law of Attraction, you have to get clear on what you want. Well since Santa’s used to getting lists anyway, I proceeded to jot down every quality I wanted him to have. More importantly though, I thought about why each one mattered and how it would make me feel.

For starters, I wanted him to be six feet or taller, attractive to me, attracted to me and located in Atlanta, or the surrounding area. He had to be heterosexual, a healthy eater, New Agey and hilarious, not to mention, kind, compassionate, faithful and honest. I also wanted him to love animals, traveling, spending time with family and of course, the Law of Attraction.

And let me tell you, that was only the beginning. My list went on for two very long pages. Apparently, I intended to manifest a unicorn.

At the bottom, I wrote “Thank you God. Thy will be done. And so it is.” Then, I signed and dated it. Well, lo and behold, I spotted this mystical creature on Craigslist, just 9 days later. Craigslist of all places! And I wasn’t even looking for him.

See, reading The Best of Craigslist was a pastime of mine. If you’ve never had the good fortune to have seen it, the name pretty much sums it up. It’s all that’s weirdly wonderful about Craigslist, in one place. As a writer, I often found inspiration from it for the characters in my scripts.

Anyway, after perusing the latest postings, I wandered over to the strictly platonic section to have a look around. By the way, that’s seemingly the opposite of where you go when you intend to manifest love. I just figured the new year was fast approaching and it’d be nice to meet some like-minded new people.

And well, there he was. I just didn’t know it yet; especially given the four, blurry pictures attached to his two sentence ad. Initially unmoved, I closed his posting and continued reading others. A few days later, while surfing the strictly platonic section again, I noticed the same four, blurry pictures. This time, with a different caption.

Feeling flirty, I dropped him a witty but anonymous one-liner with zero expectations. Not only have I never made the first move before, but his post was in the strictly platonic section. Surprisingly, he responded quickly with a compliment about my sense of humor and his phone number.

Throughout our first conversation, I’m ashamed to admit I was checking boxes off in my head. I was in no rush to meet though, because, well, I found him on Craigslist. He also lived two hours away in the North Georgia mountains. I figured there were lots of places up there to hide my body.

Umpteen conversations later, over the course of the next two weeks, I decided it was safe to make the trek to meet him face to face. And just as I suspected, I checked off the final box. I wish I could say that the rest is history, but 9+ years later, we were history.

Our relationship, though filled with love, was far from perfect. Truth be told, it actually became quite toxic. While I had hoped we’d be together “’til death do us part,” I know that people as well as desires change. Neither of us could have predicted how the other would or wouldn’t evolve over time. Not to mention, there often comes a point, where what, or who, you manifested, no matter how badly you wanted it then, no longer suits you.

When that happens, I view it as an opportunity to create something new.

How I Manifested Love The Second Time

Before jumping into another relationship though, I decided to take a bit of time to do some self-reflection. Even though I had ended the last one, I was left feeling so drained I wanted to explore how I had allowed things to get to that point, as well as to work on my boundaries. Then, as someone who craves “me time,” probably more than the average person, I was also long overdue for some consistent self care. So I did any and everything I wanted, not giving a rat’s ass what anyone else thought about it. I made myself a priority and ultimately fell back in love with me first.

Fast forward two date-free years later, when one day, much like the last time, I decided that I was ready to manifest love again. It was as if something in me clicked. Even though I theoretically know that this Law of Attraction thing is always working, it briefly crossed my mind whether I could work it again.

Feeling inspired, I sat down with my journal to write my soulmate list. Writing’s my way of getting clear on my desires. Not to mention, I feel like there are often so many thoughts in my head competing for attention, it actually forces me to focus. And therein lies the power.

This time my approach was slightly different. Thinking about my soulmate, I scribbled my vision out in paragraph format, allowing it to flow without editing. I also didn’t specify any physical characteristics about him as I had previously done. Of course, I included that we’d be incredibly attracted to each other, but it was all about the type of person he is, the way it feels being with him, and how he expresses his love for me. I’m talking “all the feels.” When I was done writing, less than a page later, I put down my journal and resumed my high vibration business of enjoying life, telling no one.

About 2 weeks later, a friend randomly mentioned that she thought I should meet her personal trainer. This actually wasn’t the first time. She brought it up, give or take 3 months prior, but I didn’t act on it. As a matter of fact, she invited me to a party, where she intended to introduce us, but I declined. I clearly wasn’t open. And as it turns out, he didn’t show up either.

Anyway, she went on an on about what a nice guy he is, the things we shared in common and how she believed we’d get along great. This time I told her to “just give him my info.” He happened to text me on Valentine’s Day to see if I was available to chat. I wasn’t. Everything that could have gone wrong professionally did that day and I was too fried and tired to string sentences together, much less in an impressive way.

We spoke the following night though once things had settled and ended up having a great convo. I still approached our first date, with no expectations. It honestly didn’t even cross my mind that he could be “the one.”

Turns out, our first date was amazing! Our connection felt natural and the conversation flowed freely over dinner, well into the night. We decided to meet up a few hours later for breakfast, where we continued talking for hours. We vacillated between humor and depth, until the hostess asked us to leave so that their hungry customers who had been waiting could get the table. We moved our conversation to my car.

The following weekend he asked me to be his girlfriend. And just over 3 months later, to be his wife. We pretty much began planning our future together almost immediately, in a way that should have freaked me out, especially as a Gemini, but didn’t. This man has been everything I wrote on my list. I mean truly my soul’s mate.

Even though I’ve experienced amazing manifestations throughout my life, and have more than enough evidence about how the Universe and the Law of Attraction work, I still marvel every time my desires of this magnitude come to fruition…and so quickly too. Even though I know there’s no difference between little things and the so-called “big stuff,” this relationship still defies comprehension.

Just a few weeks prior, there wasn’t a prospect in sight. I actually wasn’t even looking. And less than a month later, I meet the man I’m planning to spend the rest of my lives with. Yes, lives. Plural.

I didn’t have to join an app, swipe in any direction, hit the club scene, or play any of the games they say you have to. The Universe can always find ways to surprise and delight you, right where you are, if you allow it.

So now that you know a bit about my background, here are my key takeaways from experience about how to manifest love deliberately.

The 7 Simple Steps to Manifesting Love with the Law of Attraction

1. Decide that you want it.

This is the prerequisite for anything I’ve ever intentionally created. In this case though, it boils down to declaring that you want love and that you’re ready to allow it in, without giving even the slightest thought about how it’s going to come.

2. Get clear on what you want.

Write about your soulmate at length, in the present tense, as though you already have him or her, focusing in detail on how the relationship feels.

3. Align with your desire.

We have a tendency to want love, but immediately sabotage our desire with contradictory thoughts; whether our own, or those imposed on us by other people. Don’t entertain negative conversations where anyone’s griping about how hard dating is, how challenging relationships are, or how all of the good ones are taken. There’s no shortage of soulmates, so don’t even think about subscribing to that scarcity mentality. You aren’t in competition with anyone and no one can get in the way of what the Universe has for you, but you.

4. Believe you’re good enough and deserve love.

This is actually also part of aligning with your desire, but in my opinion, deserves its own step. Manifesting in general has everything to do with how worthy you feel. And manifesting true love, in particular, has everything to do with your relationship with yourself. So be sure to regularly affirm yourself and engage in acts of self love. Because when you treat yourself like you’re lovable, the Universe has no choice but to mirror that behavior.

5. Let go of attachment to the outcome.

That includes releasing any thoughts about why it hasn’t happened yet and when it’s going to happen. See, desperation and neediness are typically a turn off in dating, and even more so to the Universe, ultimately delaying your desire. Sure, I declared that I was ready for love and was excitedly expecting it, but I was so preoccupied with genuinely enjoying life that I didn’t feel like he was missing from mine.

6. Be grateful.

In some way, shape or form, you already have what you seek. So take the time to appreciate the love that’s currently in your life. Find people, furry friends and things to direct your love toward and be thankful in advance for the love that’s coming.

7. Follow the feels.

This is what I call going with the flow. Don’t try to make anything happen, like forcing a connection with someone, or making yourself do something you’re resistant to, like following some arbitrary dating rules. Just playfully do what you feel inspired to, at any given moment.

And that my friends, is all the “help” the Universe needs from you. Then when you least expect it, but are still looking forward to it, you too can manifest the love of your life, without even trying.

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