How to Manifest a House with the Law of Attraction

You’re in the right place if you want to know how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest a house. But if you’re new to my little home on the Internet, I should warn you that I typically start with a personal experience before jumping into specific steps.

Besides providing evidence that this Law of Attraction stuff really works, I think the details help you better understand the process, whether you’re interested in manifesting a house, or creating something else deliberately. Not to mention, it also demonstrates how Source, in its infinite wisdom, can orchestrate the coming together of all of the cooperative components to culminate in exactly what you want, if you allow it.

So without further adieux:

How I Manifested a House Using the Law of Attraction

One random day back in 2003, I decided to consciously use the Law of Attraction to manifest my first home. For starters, I knew I had to get clear on what I wanted, so I immediately wrote a list. The house had to have high ceilings, lots of natural light, an open floor plan, dark cherry wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, be located close to my mom, etc.

When I was done with my wish-list, almost two pages later, I found a realtor to get the ball rolling. Here’s the thing though, people who don’t really know me, can’t shop for me; not a salesperson in a clothing store, and definitely not my new realtor. I always feel bad, when I’m enthusiastically presented with options, and my response is usually “Eh, I don’t really like that either,” with that something stinks expression on my face. So, even though he was out there looking for homes that met my “requirements,” he was at a disadvantage by virtue of not being able to see inside of my head.

Naturally, I was left with no choice but to take matters into my own hands. Well, the mouse at least. I reasoned, “Just because the Universe was in charge, didn’t mean I couldn’t do a couple of searches online, look at floor plans, take some virtual tours, visit a few communities in person.”

OK, if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t sleep much over the next couple of days. I wanted to, but couldn’t. Driven by an adrenaline-fueled excitement, as opposed to lack or longing, I JUST HAD TO FIND IT ALREADY!

Well, one day, about a week later, I got what could only be the sign from God I had asked for, Law of Attraction style. It was literally a street sign pointing to a new development with a biblical name. I laughed. Short of being struck by lightning, it couldn’t have been much clearer than that.

So I stopped at the builder’s office and spoke with their delightful agent named Moses. Totally kidding! Just seeing if you’re still paying attention. Her name was Cheryl, and she showed me around all of the model homes. While they were very nice, they weren’t quite right. Not even close actually. She couldn’t believe that I wasn’t impressed, which was when she asked for more details about what I was looking for. I described it to her, coming alive as I recited just about every attribute from the two-page list I had written.

As I thanked her and was about to leave and give God a good talking to, she said, “I actually have one like that. It’s a spec house. There’s only one in the subdivision, and only one other like it in the entire state.”

A two minute car ride later we were standing at the front door. When she turned the knob and we entered, I’m pretty sure I heard the “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” from the choir of angels. There it was in all of its glory, the picture from inside of my head, with upgrades.

I listened to her talk about how several families had tried to purchase it but none of them qualified. For a split second, I thought, “Well add me to the list.” Sure, I had a decent income, but I wasn’t a family. And in the bank’s eyes, the fact that I was single and self-employed screamed instability.

But hey, who needs “stability” when you know how to leverage the Law of Attraction right? So I moved forward in faith, waiting to see how the Universe was going to pull this one off; all the way to an effortless closing 30 days later.

“How? Sign where? Are you kidding me? What just happened? But the home-buying process…I’ve heard the stories…It’s supposed to be a nightmare. Un-freaking-believable!” But it actually must have been plausible at some point, because believing is seeing.

By the way, even though I was guided to, and found the property myself, I made sure that my realtor still got the commission. I thanked the Universe yet again and finally got the best sleep of my life.

So how my friends can you manifest the house of your dreams? I’ll lay it out in a few easy-to-follow steps. While I do use different Law of Attraction exercises and techniques, and intuitively switch things up, much like manifesting love, the process is essentially the same.

How You Can Manifest Your Dream Home Too

Decide that you want it.

This is the prerequisite for anything I’ve ever intentionally created. There’s a definite shift that has to occur between just desiring a new home in general or ambivalently wanting one, and declaring that you’re ready for it without giving even the slightest thought to your current circumstances, or the world’s.

Well-intentioned deliberate creators have a tendency to sabotage their manifestations with contradictory thoughts; usually influenced by family, friends, mass media, “how it’s always been,” etc. Look, there’s always going to be talk about the housing market, and how it is or isn’t performing, and what doom and gloom is coming. And while I’m not saying that those events won’t take place, I’m reminding you not to subscribe to fear mongering because that doesn’t have to be your truth.

When you whole-heartedly make the decision, what’s going on in the world, your screwed up credit, lack of down payment or so-called insufficient qualifications don’t even cross your mind. You just allow yourself to want without reservation and entertain only the reality of having it.

Get clear on what you want.

Write about your new house at length. What does it look like? Where’s it located? Describe the decor, finishes, and most importantly the feeling of being and living there. Whatever your desire, focus on as many details as you can, purely for enjoyment.

Align with your desire.

Use focus to hold steadfast to your vision and your version of success. See, your thoughts radiate a vibration and the Universe via the Law of Attraction is busy trying to pair you up with things that match this point of attraction.

A large part of the reason I was able to manifest my ideal new home so quickly, was due to my eagerness, OK obsession about it. That unwavering amplified emotion, focused on a specific goal, drew it to me instantly.

That brings me to an important distinction. Make sure you’re actually focused on your desire and not the absence of it. The two transmit very different vibrations and results. There should be no feelings of lack, longing or neediness; no desire to escape your current circumstances; only excitement about moving toward, and ultimately into, your new home. Picture bustling family gatherings around the holidays. Imagine returning to your sanctuary, every day after work. Visualize closing. Make plans to be there knowing that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf.

Let go of attachment to the outcome.

Release any thoughts about why your desire hasn’t manifested yet, when it’s going to come and more importantly how. We have a tendency to think that our desires can only occur via certain channels. So we try “help the Universe out” and make it happen; influence the path or control the unfolding. Now while action is important, what actually matters is the emotion behind it.

Follow the feels.

In other words, go with the flow. Choose inspiration instead of motivation. The difference is subtle. Playfully do what you feel moved to, at any given moment, whether it seems related to your desire or not.

Sure, going house hunting and exploring my prospective neighborhood seemed like obvious things to do in this case. But the majority of my Law of Attraction successes have involved me taking actions that seemingly had nothing to do with my goal.

That’s the thing with the manifestation process though. You never know who you’re going to meet, what piece of helpful info you might receive, where you’ll end up, how your desire will come to fruition, etc. So be open to the infinite possibilities, let your emotions be your guide and just enjoy the journey.

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