The Art of Allowing – How to Use it to Activate the Law of Attraction

If the Law of Attraction is adamant that as soon as you ask it’s given, then where’s your stuff you wonder? You figure you must be doing this manifestation thing wrong, otherwise your house on the beach that you put on your vision board and have been scripting about, and visualizing, and doing your best to allow, would be here. Or more specifically, you’d be there, enjoying the ample natural light and gorgeous views.

But this whole Law of Attraction deliberate creation concept, can seem tricky.

See, somehow you have to think, feel and act like you already are that person you wish to be, or have that thing you really desire, and get so good at envisioning whatever it is in your life, yet still not care that you don’t have it, or ever wonder when it’ll come.

Because if you notice it’s not here and feel even the slightest twinge of lack or longing, you actually keep it away.
Somehow you have to find a way to be satisfied right where you are, even when it’s not on the beach.

You also shouldn’t change your desire to something you think might be easier for the Universe to orchestrate, because contradictory desires only equal delay.

If you have any sort of attachment to the outcome…more of a delay!

Oh yeah and don’t even get me started on asking “Well how’s it going to come?”

And needless to say, you never want to try to force something to happen.

At this rate, it’s a wonder anyone’s able to create anything deliberately.

The funny thing is, it’s usually the moment right after you throw your hands up, essentially giving up, that the thing you so desperately wanted practically falls into your lap. I’ve experienced this time and time again in my own life, from manifesting money, love and travel, to getting the job of my dreams. This is where the Art of Allowing comes in.

What is the Art of Allowing?

The Art of Allowing is shifting your energy, releasing resistance and coming into vibrational alignment with your desires, so that they flow to you effortlessly.

How Do You Practice the Art of Allowing?

The steps involved in allowing are pretty simple, but they’re not necessarily easy. I suppose that’s why they call it an art.

Allowing entails being able to accept things exactly as they are.

Now you’re probably asking yourself how that’s even possible, when your goal in trying to leverage the Law of Attraction is obviously to manifest something else.

The answer is, you have to not need it. You have to attain and maintain an attitude that you’re not missing or trying to fix anything. Because the moment you no longer require things to be any different, and essentially let go, is when you open up for real transformation to occur and your desires come to fruition.

So that of course brings us to trust.

Allowing requires you to have faith in the Universe that what you want will manifest in divine timing.

By the way, that’s not a fancy way of telling you to have patience. Waiting actually isn’t really required. Because once you get on the same energetic page with your wishes, they’ll flow freely to you.

But here’s the other thing.

Allowing involves learning to let go of the effort we’ve been taught is normal.

Expecting ease is often viewed as lazy, and actually crazy, because that’s not “how life works.”

We’re so used to making things happen. Hustling is encouraged; celebrated even. I’m sure you’ve seen all of the Instagram memes like, Rise and grind bitches. or Good things come to those who hustle.

Sure, you can probably get a lot done with this mentality; accomplish your goals even. But nothing compares to leveraging the power of the Universe and choosing faith over force.

If anything, the only effort you need to exert, is doing the “work” to bring yourself and your energy into alignment with your desires. Now how you do it will depend on your preferences and what feels good in the moment, but practicing the Art of Allowing can be as simple, yet powerful, as meditation.
Remember, you’re a human being, not a human doing.

There’s actually no more immediate and effective way to release resistance, and close the gap between you and your wishes than with meditation. See, when you quiet your mind and focus on your breath, you don’t just stop thought. You stop resistant thought, and raise your vibration.

Now I know it may feel unproductive to just sit there and seemingly do nothing; like the opposite of deliberate creation. I get it. But that is the epitome of allowing.

Some critics of the Law of Attraction, and misguided students, believe that the practice advocates waiting for some benevolent Universe to rain blessings down upon you, while you cop a squat, cross-legged, chanting and/or visualizing. Now, that has happened, but is not typically the case.

Allowing prioritizes placing emotion first.

Mastering manifestation with the Law of Attraction through the Art of Allowing by no means advocates lack of action. It’s about making feeling good your primary goal. THEN you go about your day, acting on the ideas and impulses that will undoubtedly come to you, when you’re inspired. Because that, my deliberate-creating friends, is when the magic will happen.

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