5 Law of Attraction Tips That are Unique, Easy and Effective

When it comes to manifesting, I get tired of seeing the same old Law of Attraction tips being regurgitated. If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate a different approach besides the typical recommendations of visualizing, scripting and using positive affirmations. Although they’re effective techniques that I frequently use, the Law of Attraction tips that I discuss here are small changes you can make right now, that won’t feel so challenging to incorporate, yet will still yield big results.

These simple acts might not seem directly related to the Law of Attraction or manifesting a specific goal. They’re tips that focus on ways to live your life in general that’ll attract your desires to you faster.

Law of Attraction Tip #1 – Allow Yourself to Receive

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “It’s better to give than to receive.” More than likely, you’ve lived by it. Well-meaning parents, teachers and society in general, have glorified, praised, and even trained us into giving. It’s seen as kind and noble.

And while the giver’s often recognized for this kindness and nobility, guess what happens to those on the opposite receiving end? Yep! They get viewed, albeit subconsciously, as weak, needy, greedy or worse.

Well, not only is that type of thinking wrong, it’s damaging. See, it’s virtually impossible to view receiving negatively AND also easily accept, per the Law of Attraction, that the Universe can and should give you anything, especially just for being you.

I went out to lunch with an acquaintance recently and when the check came I offered to get it. She said “Thank you” immediately without hesitation. I loved that. There was none of that, Oh-no-I-can’t-let-you-Let-me-Are-you-sure-No-no-I-insist-song-and-dance. She graciously accepted and replied, “The next one’s on me.”

That exchange was so refreshing because it rarely happens.

Have you ever refused help, financially, or physically, insisting that you’ve “got it?” You’d rather turn down a kind gesture and possibly even struggle, or at least go back and forth a few times, before you give in, so you feel like you were talked into it.

I get it. People have hang-ups, especially about money. Take money out of the equation and you’ll likely find just as many people who have trouble even accepting free compliments. They negate sincere praise with their “truth.” “You look awesome.” for example, is met with “Thanks, but I still have to lose 10 pounds.”

If you do that, please stop it. Not only is it AWK. WARD., but you’re blocking your blessings. Your thoughts, words, vibration and behavior all clearly indicate that you’re not comfortable with, or open to, receiving.

How can you allow more, and why would you be blessed with it, when you repeatedly deny what the Universe sends your way?

Clearly there are exceptions, but in general, it’s OK to let people give you things. As a matter of fact, it’s not just OK, it’s necessary that you allow yourself to receive compliments, gifts, money, help, direction, etc. This is something I had to practice, especially if I intended to deliberately use the Law of Attraction to my advantage.

When you learn to receive with ease and pride, instead of guilt or shame, you’re better able to expect prosperity without struggle, allow health because it’s your divine birthright, accept love because you’re worthy; the list, and the blessings, go on.

Now don’t get me wrong. When you bless others, you too are incredibly blessed by doing so. My point is:
It’s not better, or more noble, to give than to receive. It’s all good.

Now tell the Universe that you’re ready to receive your good. Repeatedly affirm right now, and as you move throughout your day, “I allow myself to receive my good.” Then walk around expecting it, accepting it and being grateful for it, and watch as the Law of Attraction tips in your favor.

Law of Attraction Tip #2 – Keep an Ongoing Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is considered one of the most powerful tools for manifestation. But I discovered how a slight tweak to this simple act, can leverage the Law of Attraction even more so in our favor.

See, most people who keep gratitude journals leave them on their nightstands. I, on the other hand, take mine almost everywhere I go.

But wait, let me back up. Because you might be asking:

What’s a gratitude journal?

If you’re not familiar with the practice of keeping a gratitude journal, the idea is that every night, before going to sleep, you spend a few minutes reflecting on and recording at least 5 things that you’re grateful for.

Sounds easy enough right? Sure, in theory. And don’t get me wrong, it works. Here’s the thing though. By the time you crawl into bed, you’re more than likely worn out. Trying to remember the details of your day, even the good ones, feels like a major chore, when all you really want to do, is get some rest to get ready for the next day.

That’s one of the reasons I suggest keeping a small gratitude journal on you at all times, as close as your cell. Because the goal is for you to use it just as often. Sure, some people actually keep track of their blessings on their phones. There are, of course, apps for that. And I suppose that’s better than not doing it at all. But from personal experience, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of, and benefits from, actually putting pen to paper.

Also, gratitude journals are particularly helpful for people who struggle with maintaining good thoughts; whether they’re suffering from grief, sadness, anxiety, anger or any emotion in between. Because it’s physically impossible to think positively and negatively at the same time, focusing on things you’re grateful for and appreciate, provides a much-needed distraction.

Now let’s get to the good stuff, literally. What are you grateful for?

It’s perfectly fine to be thankful for people and things in general, like your family and home, stuff you might take for granted that you’d be sorry if you lost tomorrow, desires that you’re looking forward to manifesting into your physical reality, even challenges that you later realized were a blessing. I find it MOST impactful however to record specific experiences as they occur each day.

Presents in the present. See what I did there?

So basically, you pay attention to each “gift” as it comes, revel in the moment, and then immediately scribble what I like to call, a thank you note to the Universe. THIS is the key; so don’t be lazy.

Besides, would you write a half-assed thank you note to someone who attended your wedding or baby shower and brought you a lovely gift? Didn’t think so. And this is the Universe after all.

While you don’t have to write a dissertation, a list of one word acknowledgments, just to say you did it, won’t cut it either. Opt for quality over quantity. Elaborate on what it is about that person, experience or thing that really spoke to you. You can even add photos, doodles, tickets, if you want to, and turn your gratitude journal into a scrapbook of sorts.

This on-the-spot approach is actually more about appreciation than gratitude. But appreciation journal doesn’t really have the same ring to it. Now you might be thinking tuh-may-toe – tuh-mah-toe, but there really is a difference.

When you feel what we often to refer to as gratitude, vibrationally it can seem like you’re looking at a struggle that you’ve overcome. In other words, you’re thankful that you’ve gotten over or through a situation, but your energy is still a bit tied up in the “escape.”

Being in a state of appreciation, on the other hand, is an identical vibration to that of love and alignment with who you are. It’s seeing whatever you’re looking at through the eyes of Source.

Regardless of your point of view, success with the Law of Attraction ultimately comes from focusing on good feelings and raising your vibration. So the point is not only to capture the details while they’re fresh in your mind, but most importantly, to keep yourself in a place of positive expectancy.

Having your gratitude journal close by signals to the Universe that you’re anticipating great things. And of course, the Universe, is more than happy to oblige by fulfilling desires, presenting unexpected opportunities, sending kind people your way, creating miracles of all sizes, you name it. Because the more you’re grateful for, the more you get to be grateful for.

Then, later on, when you do nestle into bed for the night, with your gratitude journal still in hand, all you have to do is review what you wrote and the “feels” you collected throughout the day, reliving those moments and experiencing the benefits again, vibrationally.

Truly, the gift that keeps giving, this practice will not only ensure that you maintain an attitude of gratitude, but it’ll provide all the evidence you need to see that the Universe really is conspiring on your behalf.

Law of Attraction Tip #3 – Be More Childlike

I don’t have kids. But I love ‘em. Hell, I am a big kid. And that’s actually served me very well with regard to manifesting. I truly believe that I owe much of my success with the Law of Attraction to being child-like.

Kids might not be able to articulate concepts like gratitude, visualization, vibration or vortex, but they get it. These incredibly complex, yet simple beings know more than they’re given credit for in general. And when it comes to the Law of Attraction, it’s no different.

Adults tend to make things far more complicated than they have to be. It seems like once we have responsibilities, we lose that child-like innocence and playfulness.

See, kids, are typically taught to believe in fictitious characters who deliver their desires, i.e. The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, etc. Sure you know that they’re not real per se, but is it so hard to conceive that a Benevolent Universe exists and is willing and able to do the same for you, if you just believe?

Children have amazing imaginations. They know how to play dress up, create characters, visualize the backdrop for the action and commit to it. The details and stories don’t have to be logical to you. It makes perfect sense and is real to them.

Now think about it. If you see a young boy playing doctor, do you remind him that he doesn’t even call his pee-pee by the correct name? Inform him that he’s no Doogie Howser? Or that it’s going to take another 20 plus years of very expensive schooling before he can even think about operating on anything other than a teddy bear? No! You let him use his imagination and have fun, as long as no scalpel-like instruments are involved.

So why not make an effort to handle yourself with the same kid gloves? What would it hurt to allow yourself the freedom to dream?

Kids know how to ramp up the excitement about something they want and look forward to coming, even if they don’t know how it’ll happen; like a trip to Disney World or the latest and greatest must-have toy. Long before their desire is ever a reality, they research it. They ask questions about it, talk endlessly about what it’s going to be like. They can see it vividly.

Have you ever been around a child, stuck on a subject, like a broken record? Sure, it might be annoying to you, but it is effective. Not only are they speaking things into existence, they’re visualizing their future and bringing it into being.

If you ask me, kids are probably the most magical manifestors on the planet, until adults train that out of them. So how about you get in touch with your inner child? Not necessarily in the way that a shrink might tell you to, but cut yourself some slack. And if you have kids, cut them some slack too. Take a page out of their story book for a change.

Far too many of us take manifesting, like life, too seriously. Turns out the Law of Attraction is just child’s play.

Law of Attraction Tip #4 – Tidy Up

There’s a packrat gene in my family. Fortunately, I’m not a carrier. Or perhaps visiting one uncle’s home in particular, as a child, was enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Whatever the reason, to this day, I’m not attached to much. I don’t believe in keeping or collecting much. I favor quality over quantity. And if clutter starts to sneak up on me, typically in the form of paper, I catch myself and it has to go.

But what does this have to do with the Law of Attraction, you might ask? And to that I would answer, “Everything.”

As New York Times Bestselling author, Marie Kondo touts, there really is life changing magic in tidying up. And while her lessons in the Law of Attraction may not have been intentional, several of the principles mentioned are key to manifesting abundance.

See, clutter feels heavy and stifling. Messiness can trigger internal chaos and anxiety. When things aren’t in order, you’re likely to have a negative emotional response, which ultimately determines what you create.

Now in general, the Law of Attraction advocates doing the emotional work of alignment before taking action. In this case however, physically cleaning up your space will often energetically clean up your vibration.

So go ahead and simplify, purge and make room for that which you intend to manifest. To truly cherish what’s important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose and no longer represent you. Equally important is appreciating what you do have and how each item serves you.

Make a conscientious effort to surround yourself with people and things that spark joy and you’ll attract even more.

Law of Attraction Tip #5 – Watch What You’re Watching

What you tune into, affects who you turn into. So when it comes to consciously creating with the Law of Attraction, I personally believe, that no news, is good news.

See, everyday the media scour the earth, compiling a synopsis of the worst events and actions of people. Lately, it seems like a cursory look at our political climate would provide plenty of material.

Mudslinging aside, why do you need to know who was kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered? Or how many people lost their lives, homes and jobs? Why do you choose to watch footage of destruction and devastation?  

Are you one of those who thinks nothing of logging on, tuning in, or worse, looks forward to it, sometimes during dinner, oftentimes right before bed? Is this how you choose to start your day?

Think about it.  How can you possibly consume that day in and day out, and not feel vulnerable or anxious? How can you easily believe in the goodness of the Universe that the Law of Attraction promises?

And don’t even get me started on so-called “reality” TV or those pharmaceutical commercials. Subliminally, they’ll lead you to believe that women can’t maintain a sisterhood; that they’re catty and mistreat each other, or that your body is supposed to deteriorate and certain illnesses are inevitable.

Read (and watch) between the lines.

Whether you realize it or not, your subconscious mind is taking in, sifting through and processing all of those images and data. It then arrives at conclusions or reinforces fear-based beliefs about the way certain people behave, how safe you are in the world and what’s “supposed” to happen to you physically, not to mention fiscally.

Look, I know sometimes you probably just want to come home from work and veg out in front of the TV. Who doesn’t love a good marathon? To be clear, I mean watching, not running. But I can’t stress enough how important it is that you turn off the negative programming.

By no means am I suggesting that you give up your “entertainment” or become ignorant to world events. Surely, someone will fill you in on the specifics if a natural disaster is headed your way and you need to evacuate, or any mandates have been issued for you to stay home. There will always be opportunities for you to assist those in need without absorbing all of the details.

My point is, to be far more selective about the words and images that you allow in, as well as the frequencies. Tune in to some positivity daily. There are literally billions of people, who are doing well, not being broadcast.

Take a look at who and what you’ve been giving your time and attention to. Ask yourself what your so-called favorite shows, are really showing you.

Then, find ways to inundate yourself with goodness. Watch programs, movies and videos that make you feel good; laugh your ass off even. Check out podcasts that pique your interests. Or better yet, go outside. Take a walk in nature, or a class you’ve been curious about. Pick up a hobby. Read, or listen to, books that inspire, educate and uplift you. Play conscious music that doesn’t just make you feel like dancing, but actually makes you shake that thang. And of course, think positively.

What all of these Law of Attraction tips have in common is the ability to deliberately raise your vibration. That’s truly the most constructive use of your time and key to manifesting your own good news, not to mention truly making America, or wherever you live, great again.

If you’ve found this how-to helpful, please Pin It on Pinterest or share the love on social. And as always, Happy Manifesting!